God’s Daily Promise #3

Psalm 33:11 
The counsel of Yahweh stands fast forever,
the thoughts of his heart to all generations.

(World English Bible)

Promise #3: The intentions of My heart will remain steadfast forever. 

In today’s promise, we are reminded that God is steadfast in what He has purposed. The New Living Translation Bible says Psalm 33:11 this way… But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken. NLT

When God determines to do something, His plans will stand firm forever. He is not fickle or tempermental and He will not be swayed by public opinion or the winds of change. He has fixed His eyes upon us and has purposed in His heart to love us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). …And He won’t change His mind!

What our heavenly Father started in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1, He will see to completion at the end of the book of Revelation. No force in heaven or on earth will be able to prevent His purposes from being fulfilled. We can rest in God’s plan for our lives for the intentions of His heart will remain steadfast forever! ~ Barry Adams

Photo by Eric Boldt

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