God’s Daily Promise #2

Psalm 103:8 

Yahweh is merciful and gracious,
slow to anger, and abundant in loving kindness.

(World English Bible)

Promise #2: I am full of mercy and grace and I overflow with love. 

We live only a few miles from Niagara Falls. I am always overwhelmed by the sheer power and volume of the water that cascades over the brink of this natural wonder every second. When I think of the unending stream of God’s love that He shows to us every day, I think of this natural wonder.

As we continue our daily journey of reflecting in some of the promises of God in 2012, may we always be reminded of how He sees us. The Lord is full of mercy and grace and He overflows with love towards us. Everything that He does is motivated by His eternal, unending kindness. May the Holy Spirit give us a deeper revelation of the character and nature of God this new year and may He dismantle any misconceptions of our heavenly Dad that cause us to see Him as distant and angry.

Our God and Father is good. He is full of mercy and grace and just like Niagara Falls, He continually showers His love upon us. And His love will never ever end. May the revelation of the love of God continue to rush like a mighty river into your heart today.

Photo by Barry Adams

1 Comment

  1. Such a beautiful depiction of His love, and it’s so amazing when we can fully recognise and own His love. I know many of us His children may feel He is distant from us or His love os directed elsewhere, but the truth is that overflowing water touches all places and fills up the cracks in the dark places and the valleys and the deep places. We can never escape His love but we can live as if it doesn’t exist.



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