What does that word mean? For a long time, when I saw that word I thought of relationships between a husband and a wife, a girlfriend and boyfriend, a parent and a child, a friend to a friend, and so on.

As I have been posting messages recently, I have started giving more thought as to what category or tag to attach to those messages. I’m finding that my mind gravitates to the category “Relationships”.

The reason: because so many messages fit into our Relationship with our Lord and Savior, our Father.

Messages that guide us to question:

Whether we are obeying Him.

Are we loving Him with all our heart, soul, strength and mind?

What about loving our neighbor as ourselves and as we love God?

Is our mind on Him constantly? or are we occupied with thoughts and priorities that allow Him to come only at the end of our day when we are too tired to think clearly?

Are we too busy with “good works” to realize that He just wants us to talk to Him?

Are we trying to be “good enough” to make Him happy?

Are we so wrapped up in the effects of the problems of the world that we forget Who is in charge?

Where does our Father, our partner in life, our first love, our All, where does He fit?

My prayer for today is that we all pause more and take an inventory of what our relationship is with the most important person in our lives and check out our motives for what, or Who, is guiding our thinking.



Thank you. Be blessed!

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