Labor of Love

Today, as the U.S. celebrates Labor Day, it occurs to me that God probably does not get to take the day off and have a bar-b-Que.  I figure he actually is extra busy taking care of all the partying idiots out there who are celebrating having the day off from their labor.

Whether it took Him six days in our concept of time, or His, it still took him six days.  I suppose He could have created existence in no time, but he didn’t.  He took His time, and labored over every detail, every nuance, down to the shape of sub-atomic particles.  Then made sure it all worked.  And, now, there are still an infinite number of variables to be considered in an infinite number of non-stop occurrences.  For us as Christians, we see His constant hand in our lives.  He shows us he is a loving, caring, involved Creator.  I don’t think there is any randomness.  There could be some auto-piloting happening, but I doubt if it is a lot, if any.

Of course, I don’t know these things, but they feel right and seem logical.  And, they sound to me like a great deal of labor.  So, hopefully, He pushes the pause button on our time stream, and gets to enjoy the holiday too.


Thank you. Be blessed!

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