1. Thanks. I wanted to apologize for not posting on your site, but I have had a lot going on. I need your prayers to get me back to reading other people’s posts. All the more reason, I appreciate your comments. Blessings. Sharon


  1. You have no idea what this lovely post means to me tonight! Thank you for your obedience to the HOLY SPIRIT’s unction. May OUR FATHER richly reward you…


    1. It is hard to remember to filter everything through the Holy Spirit, but I sincerely try. It’s very important for me to post the things the Holy Spirit lays on my heart. Encouragement is such an important gift, so I try to use that gift to help others. It’s so humbling to know from you that it touched you, dear one. Many blessings, Sharon †


          1. So good to hear from you!!!! 😀 Glad it ministered to you because when I read it, I just had to reblog it 🙂


Thank you. Be blessed!

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