A different side of Max Lucado


I’ve been a great admirer of Max Lucado for years. To me he’s one of the most gifted writers and is a true inspiration.

I think you’ll enjoy this little movie about Joseph!


    1. It is always so humbling when someone shares the blessing they have received from reading anything we put on our site! And it’s always so great to hear from you. Pray all is well for you and your family. 🙂


      1. Thank you for the original post! If you saw the library of Max Lucado books we have in our home library you would know that I have a great love for his devotionals. These books have gotten me through some of the hardest times of my life, so I was thrilled to see this other side of him! I love all your posts though! We are well, and I actually have a praise today. After seeing my rheumotologist today, she said if the medicine is helping with the pain from the bone spurs on my spine, then we can put off thoughts of surgery and a pain specialist for now. She knows the shots in the spine are a fear of mine, and having my body cut open. But she said if the pain worsens then call her and we will move to the next step. I’m thrilled to avoid that for now, and am very thankful that God led her to put them off for now.


        1. Oh, dear one, I am thrilled that you can avoid some of these things. God will give you the grace for each moment. I can totally, I think, at least understand the pain issues. Every moment is filled with some kind of ole pain. LOL Blessings, †Sharon


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