Fear involves torment

There is no fear in love;

but perfect love casts out  fear,

because fear involves torment. 

But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 

I John 4:18


when it is mismanaged,

leads to sin. 

And sin leads to hiding. 

And since we’ve all sinned, we all hide—

in 80-hour workweeks,

temper tantrums,

and religious busyness. 

We avoid contact with God!

We’re convinced God must hate our evil tendencies. 

We despise our lustful thoughts, harsh judgments, and selfish deeds. 

If our sin nauseates us,

how much more must it revolt a holy God?

So we draw a practical conclusion: 

God is ticked off at us! 

Sin has left us lost and confused. 

Yes, we have disappointed God. 

But no, God has not abandoned us!

Jesus loves us too much to leave us in doubt about His grace. 

God keeps no list of our wrongs. 

His love casts out fear because He casts out our sin!

Live forgiven!

~ Max Lucado

Thank you. Be blessed!

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