God has not given us a spirit of Fear

For God has not given us a spirit of fear,

but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7


It sucks the life out of the soul! 

And when fear shapes our lives,

safety becomes our god. 

We worship the risk-free life!

The fear-filled cannot love deeply. 

Love is just too risky. 

No wonder Jesus wages such a war against fear.

Don’t be afraid. 

Take courage.

Do not fear those who kill the body

but cannot kill the soul.

Don’t let your hearts be troubled. 

Trust in God, and trust also in me.

Jesus steps into the storm and asks,

“Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?”

Fear may fill the world, but it doesn’t have to fill your heart! 

Hysteria is not from God. 

And Jesus doesn’t want you to live there! 

The promise of Christ is …

God has not given you a spirit of fear!

~ Max Lucado

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