Daily Promise – October 19 – we are safe and secure in under the protection of our heavenly Dad’s wings

Psalm 91:4 KJV

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust:
his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Promise #292: I will cover you with My feathers and protect you with My wings.

Psalm 91 is one of my favorite psalms that speaks of Almighty God’s protection and covering. I love the imagery of this verse in particular. Just imagine for a minute the imagery that the psalmist is portraying in this verse… The Most High God covers us with His feathers and protects us with His wings.

When I think of the imagery of this promise, I imagine God as a majestic eagle and we are His little chickadees who live in the shelter and safety of His magnificient wings. Nothing can harm us there. We are completely safe and secure. Another picture that comes to my mind when I think of this verse is that of a little child who seeks refuge under their dad’s raincoat in the midst of a storm, hanging tightly onto his leg, completely sheltered from the storm.

Both pictures bring me a sense of peace and safety and security knowing that God is my refuge and my safe place. This promise does not only paint a nice picture for us, but it declares a spiritual reality that you and I can live in all the days of our lives. The truth is that we are safe and secure in under the protection of our heavenly Dad’s wings… no matter how scary it is outside of His care! May the reality of this promise become more and more real to each and every one of us!


    1. The pain will feel like it almost defines you. I hate that feeling. And because people can’t see the result of the pain, like being in a wheelchair or some other physical evidence, there isn’t a lot of sympathy floating around. So you have to pick and choose who to lean into. Only those who truly understand the pain, and the depression at least, can empathize with you. It’s very important to get support from loving people who don’t judge you. Be careful about medication too. Some meds can cause more problems than they help with. The docs put me on lyrica for the fibromyalgia and I ended up in almost a coma and was hospitalized for 3 days. Some depression meds can make you worse, too. Let us know how we can help, not that we are experts. We just share the pain and depression, and we care. Blessings to you, dear friend. Sharon


    2. Hi, Sharon asked me to send you a note because something I posted as a guest post on Broken Believers blog she thought sounded like it was written just for you and her. You can read it here: http://brokenbelievers.com/2011/10/14/invisible-pain/ . I also wrote a poem today that I think might be a blessing to you, posted here: http://lindakruschke.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/pain-and-suffering-%e2%80%93-a-poem/
      I will keep you in my prayers. I know how hard struggling with fibromyalgia and depression can be. But you are not alone. Peace, Linda


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