Jesus is the Center

For me to live is Christ [His life in me]

Philippians 1:21 AMP

Jesus is the way.

He is not only the Way to God, but He is the Way into all that God has for us.

He is the Way into our devotions,

to our Bible reading,

to our prayer life,

to our ministry,

and to all that we do for Him.

In reality, we do not do our work for Him,

but He does His work through us.

With Jesus in the center of our being,

we are no longer victims of our expectations,


and the things we can’t control.

We discover that it’s okay if people don’t meet our expectations,

because Jesus is our expectation.

Schedules may be good,

but they don’t produce life within us because

Jesus is our life.

–Don Lessin

Thank you. Be blessed!

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