Verse of the Day – First seek the counsel of the Lord

But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, “First seek the
counsel of the LORD.”
— 1 Kings 22:5

This verse is from the wonderful story of Micaiah the prophet.
Jehoshaphat knew not to trust the counsel of false prophets. He was
adamant that before they went into battle with anyone, God’s people
needed to first seek the counsel of the Lord! This should also be
our approach to life. So often we ask God to bless what we’ve
already decided rather than spending time in prayer, fasting, and
Scripture seeking our Father’s will. Let’s not rush our decisions.
God has promised that he would lead us with his Spirit; let’s not
rush the Spirit’s input, or even worse, ignore it and then ask God
to bless us anyway!

Holy and Almighty God, ruler of all nations and Sovereign over
all creation, please guide my decisions as I seek your will and
your glory. I want my life, my family, my work, and my ministry to
be lived in your will. I want to be your servant and not seek my
own way and my own glory. Thank you for sending your Spirit to help
illuminate your Word and lead me and to equip and empower me to
serve you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Thank you. Be blessed!

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