When We Meet Again

Frank Solanki

The fairies shall be our trail

The angels will write our tale

With their enchanted, golden pen

Whenever we may meet again

Memories of a million days

Will come back in many ways

Yet so little be spoken then

Whenever we may speak again

The distance of time and years

Will reflects in our tears

But not a single drop shall be wasted then

Until I’ve held you close again

Summers are long and old

Winters are lonely and cold

But the weather will be perfect then

Whenever we may meet again

Lost in love, we will stand

Once we hold each other’s hand

Violets will whisper in rhyme when

Ever we may speak again

It is dark and it is quiet

There is silence in the night

There will be no light in this den

Until I’ve laughed with you again

It will…

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