My race is Love! 

Being Utopia

​Standing over the basin

Ive been washing my face in

Jet black mascara racing

Down my cheeks till I taste it

Staring at my reflection

Every slight imperfection

Staring back at me

Naked as a girl can be

In a society that features and emphasizes your looks, judge you by your race, it’s easy to let your feelings about looks overtake all other aspects of your self-esteem.
As I would see it, the most alluring individuals are the ones who realize that their physical appearance isn’t the most appealing thing about them. They have a specific sort of confidence, they’re normally more enjoyable to hang out with, and they’re the sort of individuals who are prepared to love you for your identity and not what you are.
Self-perception, body image is no light subject. There are individuals who are suffering legitimate illnesses, mental and physical, relating to how they…

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Thank you. Be blessed!

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