Beautiful! I’m sharing this amazing poem with all of those out of reach of the touch of love through hugs and smiles that they may need today!

Peace, Love and Patchouli

You who are light

shining in the darkest hours

waiting in the window like a beautiful beacon,

knowing you will be there

when we arrive.

Voices and hearts afar know truth,

as they dive beneath the surface of souls

to see what lies beneath

we carry each other through

good days and not so good,

we light the way in love.

So many gather here

in this place of imagination,

where all is possible and dreams thrive

because we craft ourselves out of purity

and in doing so gather together

the tribe of like selves

who see what many cannot,

who inspire those we may never meet.

I feel at peace here today

and for those who wear their painted caps

in shades to make the moments pop,

and those whose voices are heard between lines,

those who quietly inspire who’ve slipped away

through the passages of time,

I think…

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Thank you. Be blessed!

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