How do you explain God to an atheist?

We are needing guidance on this subject. We have a friend who is an atheist. We’ve explained what we know from the Bible, and from our own personal experience with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because he has done much research and study on the subject of God, creation, the Bible, etc., he doesn’t feel God is real.

The oddity is that he is one of the most loving people we know. That seems to conflict with our thoughts, since we know that God is love, and all love comes from him.

Rather than go into all of the research we’ve done, we’re reaching out to you to give us insight and guidance. Any website addresses, Bible passages, or resources that you feel would be helpful would be greatly appreciated. Your prayers are needed as well as your personal support.

He is 87 years old, has been a professor in college, and is an avid reader.

Thanks so much.


  1. Hi there, honestly, you are not going to be able to explain God to an unbeliever. Meaning, you cannot explain the spiritual carnally.

    The biggest explanation for God will be in your actions towards him and how he sees you with others.

    This person will care how much you know when he knows how much you care. Just love him and be nice. Let him do the talking so you can see what is in his heart.

    The bible says that the only people who come to Jesus are the ones God draws to him (John 6:44). That means the largest intellectual will never be able to debate someone into believing. It will not matter how bright your light is if he is blind to it.

    The best thing you can do is pray and keep visiting. Don’t force the issue and just be nice. It is not always what we do that matters but what we don’t do (gossip, steal, cheat, foul language, etc).

    Prayer is the best way.

    Blessings to you and I will pray for God’s leading.


    1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said. Your statement “you are not going to be able to explain God to an unbeliever. Meaning, you cannot explain the spiritual carnally” was truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. It captured the essence of what we were already thinking.

      For many years, I was convinced that I have to “convince” someone to believe in God. Thankfully, I understand that it is not our responsibility to make that happen. God, through the Holy Spirit, presents Himself to each person, and it is THEIR personal responsibility to make a decision. But, oh, how our hearts bleed through our love for each person who doesn’t have the JOY of this personal relationship with God. So that’s where I’m coming from. My heart is aching for our friend.

      Your comments are so amazing and helpful. Prayer is indeed the best way. Thanks for your continued prayers.

      Blessings to you also.



      1. Hi Sharon, yes sometimes WE try to save people and witnessing becomes a burden. Jesus said His burden is light and His yoke is easy (Matthew 11:28-30). Just remember that God loves these people more than we do. Let Him witness through you in your actions and words.

        Just being there talking to this man is a good start. Keep him in your prayers and don’t be afraid. The Lord knows where He is. Trust Him. Maybe the Lord will have you get him a book or something. But I would not worry, just keep loving on him and let God move.



        1. It is one of the easiest things in the world to do — being there, talking, and loving this man. He is awesome! And, as I mentioned in a comment to another writer above, we are sharing thoughts back and forth. You are such an inspiration. So glad we found each other’s blog. Blessings, always.


  2. I think perhaps you could start by letting go of the notion that atheists need to have God explained to them. It is entirely possible that your friend understand the concept as well as you do. Whether or not he may find any personal reflections sufficiently moving to change his mind is another question, but you won’t get far dismissing his outlook at the outset.


    1. Interestingly enough, he has shared a few articles with us, and we are encouraging him to share more of what he believes. I personally feel that none of us know all of the answers and we may be wrong in the answers we think we have. So having an open mind is of utmost importance, in any relationship. Loving each other regardless of our beliefs is the goal and daily commitment. Thank you for your comments. They mean a lot to us.


  3. In further searching today, I happened upon this website. I found it very interesting. Hope it will give us all some open-minded thought processes. Would really like to hear your thoughts.


  4. In reading the hubpage mentioned above, I found an amazing point that I will quote now: “Atheists will belief in God when those that belief in God will merely stop believing in God but will start living in God.”

    To me, this is the crux of the matter. If we live in God with all our being, then we will be showing not only God to others, but the best part of ourselves.


  5. Maybe you need to reach him on a educational discussion…Many men in history who thought themselves the strongest atheist at one time and took it to themselves to prove that God did not exist, in fact found that they could only prove he does exist. And example is Lee Strobel and his book “The Case For Christ” and many others he has written since. It was in his search to prove Christians wrong that he ended up finding Christ as his Savior. Also many men that our educated athiests respect were indeed Christians…Horace Greeley for one. It may be in proving to him on an intellectual level that he will open his heart enough that you can reach him finally on a spiritual level as well.


    1. Your comments are very helpful. Please pray that we can live our lives in such a way that he will see our love for him, and that the opportunity will come up for us to share with him, and him with us. Blessings.


  6. If you’re interested, I’ve made two posts in the past week geared towards atheists. One is a short science video that he might enjoy entitled “That Crazy Bacterial Flagellum.” The other is an article refuting evolution entitled “Something to Think About.” (It’s the latest one in a series and it starts off with a synopsis of “The Ugly Duckling.” Sounds strange, I know. But you’ll understand when you read it.) There’s also an older post entitled “Christians and Atheists,” if you’d like to see if you think it’s something that may speak to him.

    Here’s my blog address: I hope this is helpful. God bless! 🙂


    1. I’m looking forward to reading your messages. It may take a day or so before I can get into it again, but thanks for all your encouragement in the meantime. Many blessings to you.


  7. It depends entirely on your friend’s reason for being an atheist.

    You can explain your deity to me. But that won’t necessarily make me believe in your deity. For me, you have to show good evidence for the claims you make. Nothing short of that will do.


    1. Still searching for ways to communicate to him, and others. For one thing, I’m not saying he’s wrong. How do any of us really know if we’re right or wrong? It’s all personal, so to say someone is wrong doesn’t seem the right approach. We try to live our life in a way that shows love, all the time. I think that’s the best way to live, anyway. Trying to convince others of anything verbally is not only hard, but impossible, usually. I enjoy talking to him. He has a lot to say, and a lot to hear. Thanks so much for your comments. Mulling them over.


  8. Perhaps read Luke 15. Who was the Shephard who went out to seek?
    What is Christ or was it man, the other sheep?

    Also, I am currently reading “Just walk across the Room”, by Bill Hybels. It will change your view of Evangelism in a good way.


    1. Thanks for your comments. I will look for the book you mentioned. We pray daily that we will be good sheep so the shepherd doesn’t have to pull us out the crevices we may fall into. LOL Blessings.


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