The Lower Galilee region of Israel is just a one hour drive from the main cities including Tel Aviv, yet is worlds away. The least hilly region of the Galilee, the Lower Galilee stretches from the Jezreel Valley (Valley of the Armageddon in Christianity) on the eastern slopes of Mount Carmel across to the Sea of Galilee. It includes Mount Tavor, Megiddo, Zippori and Mount Gilboa, the town of Nazareth, and amazing numbers of outdoor and leisure pursuits.

View across the Lower Galilee by Flickr user Yo-YosView across the Lower Galilee by Flickr user Yo-Yos

Zippori is home to amazing archaeological excavations, including the mosaics of an ancient Jewish city, which notably include the Mona Lisa of the Galilee.  The city was described by the first century Jewish historian, Josephus Flavius, as “the ornament of all Galilee” and is a beautiful spot with beautiful things to see.

Lower Galilee by Flickr user heatkernelLower Galilee by Flickr user heatkernel

Gan Ha’shlosha was chosen by TIME magazine as their favorite destination in Israel. The National Park offers a warm river where you can swim in a landscaped surround. As well as this is a small selection of archaeological sites and a heritage museum. The main draw, however, is the natural jacuzzi under a waterfall. Although busy in the summer, this is a great place to visit.

Gilboa by Flickr user yxejamirGilboa by Flickr user yxejamir

Nearby, another breathtaking experience can be found at Mount Gilboa. The Mount Gilboa Scenic Road winds across the peaks with places to stop off and hike, as well as an iris reserve. This is a great way to see the beautiful landscape of the Lower Galilee and Jezreel Valley.

The view from Mount Tavor by Flickr user Yo-YosThe view from Mount Tavor by Flickr user Yo-Yos

Nazareth, is Israel’s largest Arab city, and also of obvious importance in Christianity. It has recently seen something of a tourism renaissance with large investments improving the facade of this city and its sites.

Lower Galilee


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