Daily Promises – August 2 – The Kings belong to God

(My Note: The last few weeks have been nerve-wracking, at best. Those of us who depend on Social Security, the military, and any others who were threatened that we might not get our checks tomorrow or later this month, or anyone who may feel any other repercussion of this situation, were tested as to how strong our faith is.

Knowing that God is the King of all the earth, knowing that He allows all of the things to happen around us, and that He will carry us through it is where our only sure Hope lies.

The world truly is shaking around us.   But we know He will carry us through this crisis.

We know He wants no harm to come to us.

He promises that all will work out for our good.

Holding onto Him during this time of potential financial crisis is our real comfort.

We all should feel that we are truly blessed to know, as well as feel, His constant presence.)

Psalm 47:7-9 KJV
7 For God is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding. 8 God reigneth over the heathen: God sitteth upon the throne of his holiness. 9 The princes of the people are gathered together, even the people of the God of Abraham: for the shields of the earth belong unto God: he is greatly exalted.

Promise #214: I rule the earth and all the kings belong to Me.God is the King of all the earth. Jesus is proclaimed as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. There is no disputing the absolute and complete power of the living God. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. While our adversary the devil, has limited power for a short season as the prince of the power of the air, the earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it!When everything around us seems to be shaken… Wars, economies, governments, etc., have no fear! God is seated in the heavens and He rules the earth. May we rise up and worship Him today for His goodness and His mercy and His majesty!Hollywood often projects the battle of good versus evil as two equal, opposing forces clashing for victory. The truth is that our God is all powerful and ever present. He is so huge, that the universe cannot contain Him. We are not locked in a battle between good and evil that has an uncertain outcome. We win! Jesus has already declared the victory through His death and resurrection!

While we know that in this world we will have trouble, may each one of us be encouraged today in knowing that Jesus has overcome the world and that our heavenly Dad is the God and Father over all creation (Ephesians 4:4-6).

Thank you. Be blessed!

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