God’s dreams for you are ultimately not really about you

Oh, don’t misunderstand. They’ll bring you some of the best days of your life; you will be fulfilled beyond any imaginable expectations. but God’s dreams take form only when they are about others.

  • Loving them.
  • Guiding them.
  • Serving them.
  • Influencing them.
  • Filling their heads with dreams and hope.

There are no other types of God dreams. Nothing less or else will compel, attract, or seem worthy of this God heart within you. Everything else will always, ultimately, taste chalky and dry. God’s destiny for you will never be so trivial as building a kingdom for you to enhance your acclaim. Such is a kingdom of dust and lint.

The dream he has prepared custom for you is explosively beautiful and alive. It’s about his glorious kingdom–a plan involving you from before there was time!

This stunning dream always involves others.

Others being

  • freed,
  • healed,
  • convinced of who they really are,
  • convinced that they can fly,
  • convinced his dreams in them can come true.

This unbending intention of God has been at once the source of your best dreaming and your continuous foot shooting.

Think about it–God’s dreams for us reflect His heart. If we are maturing in sync with his heart, how would we distinguish others-centered dreams from self-centered dreams? Many of us remain so wounded and preoccupied with our own stuff that we concoct our own tepid, cheap dreams and call them God’s.  After a while we wouldn’t recognize God’s dream for us if it came up and shouted, “Howdy, I’m your dream!:

Note: TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch

Thank you. Be blessed!

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