OBEDIENCE – Obeying God may bring more problems

Exodus 5:
4 But the king of Egypt said, “Moses and Aaron, why are you taking the people away from their labor? Get back to your work!” 5 Then Pharaoh said, “Look, the people of the land are now numerous, and you are stopping them from working.”
6 That same day Pharaoh gave this order to the slave drivers and foremen in charge of the people: 7 “You are no longer to supply the people with straw for making bricks; let them go and gather their own straw. 8 But require them to make the same number of bricks as before; don’t reduce the quota. They are lazy; that is why they are crying out, ‘Let us go and sacrifice to our God.’ 9 Make the work harder for the men so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies.”(New International Version)
Moses and Aaron took their message to Pharoah just as God directed. The unhappy result was harder work and more oppression for the Hebrews.
Sometimes hardship comes as a result of obeying God.
Mixing straw with mud made bricks stringer and more durable. Pharoah had supplied the slaves with straw, but now he made them find their own straw and increase their production of bricks as well.
Are you following God, but still suffering–or suffering even worse than before? If your life is miserable, don’t assume you have fallen out of God’s favor. You may be suffering for doing good in an evil world.

Thank you. Be blessed!

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