OBEDIENCE – It saved Noah’s life

The story of Noah’s life involved not one, but two great and tragic floods.The world in Noah’s day was flooded with evil.

The number of those who remembered the God of creation, perfection, and love had dwindled to one.

Of God’s people, only Noah was left. God’s response to the severe situation was a 120-year-long last chance, during which he had Noah build a graphic illustration of the message of his life.

Nothing like a huge boat, built on dry land, to make a point! For Noah, obedience meant a long term commitment to a project.

Many of us have trouble sticking to any project, whether or not it is directed by God. It is interesting that the length of Noah’s obedience was longer than today’s expected lifetime. Our only comparable long-term project is our very lives.

But perhaps this is one great challenge Noah’s life gives us: to live, in acceptance of God’s grace, an entire lifetime of obedience and gratitude.

Thank you. Be blessed!

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