OBEDIENCE – helps us accomplish more

Numbers 2:
34 So the people of Israel did everything as the Lord had commanded Moses. Each clan and family set up camp and marched under their banners exactly as the Lord had instructed them. (New Living Translation)
This must have been one of the biggest camp sites the world has ever seen! It would have taken about twelve square miles to set up tents for just the 600,000 fighting men–not to mention the women and children.

Moses must have had a difficult time managing such a group.

In the early stages of the journey and at Mount Sinai, the people were both obedient to God and Moses. Everything went smoothly. But when the people left Mount Sinai, they suddenly began to complain, grumble, and disobey.

Soon problems erupted, and Moses could no longer effectively manage the Isaraelites.

The books of Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers present a striking contrast between how much we can accomplish when we obey God and how little we can accomplish when we don’t.

Thank you. Be blessed!

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