Sensing My Dismay at the Election Results, My Wife’s Dog Presses Against Me

Awesome! Thanks for taking us along with your thinking and letting us know the despair so many of us have felt lately is certainly not unique.

Like you, I decided to write, instead of floundering around, wallowing in depressive thoughts like I had been doing for weeks.

Yesterday, seeing the memoriam in the San Francisco Chronicle, I couldn’t help but write about these beautiful people who burned to death. It tore out my heart, visiting the photos of the faces of strangers, yet feeling we had become one somehow. I know you probably understand that feeling.

I think, in spite of the doomsday feeling that I have, and apparently others are having, maybe we can all join in the fight for clarity, beauty, and grace that has to emerge to set at least a few things right in our world.

Please visit us at . Our blog is new, barely 2 weeks old, but came about from a dream I had, one in which I was overwhelmingly called to do something that would hopefully make a difference for our country. Would love it if you were a contributor there and also at Thanks for listening.

Be blessed.


O at the Edges


Sensing My Dismay at the Election Results, My Wife’s Dog Presses Against Me

And when I roll over, my toe finds a hole in the not
inexpensive 400 thread count percale sheet and rips

down its length, and I wonder if I should extend this
metaphor to include walls and the unbearable weight

of societal collapse, or hatred with small hands and
minds or faces like pale disks of whitewashed emptiness

glaring at my friends, or, well, my wife and I, across
the restaurant’s laminate booths or the potholed street

by the bus stop. I recall the woman’s sneer and hushed
commentary that afternoon, and though I wanted to

correct her mistaken assumption (hey, lady, I’m not
Hispanic) and redirect her bigotry to the correct ethnicity,

I chose instead to smile and wave goodbye, to drive to
the polls and cast my ballot, one drop in that dark bucket


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