Revelations In Writing

There’s a deep sort of sorrow

that comes from the years,
where silence claimed constant
a keeper of tears.
Each drop of the anguish
when denied its escape,
builds into the bundle
that causes great ache.
For such sorrow kept quiet
winds into the knots,
that steal away slumber
and slowly they rot.
Bitter, or angry
distraught and denied,
forever the feelings
trapped on the inside.
What will relieve
such a cover of years?
In safety and silence
the shedding of tears?
When at last some escape
will they be denied?
Kept longer in silence
and hidden inside?
Out of the ache
and escaping of tears,
His covering comes
the Reliever of fears.
Each tear that is shed
will not fall in vain,
for He captures each one
til’ just love remains.
And He, even He –
the Savior of all,
wept in His sorrow
allowed tears to fall.

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