tHE oLD mAN wITH hIS fEET iN tHE bUCKET « Women’s Window

tHE oLD mAN wITH hIS fEET iN tHE bUCKET « Women’s Window.

I wonder if Jeanne even knows what a great gift she really has for reaching out and touching lives in such poignant ways–through simply expressing what touches her.

I am honored that she has come into my life. That she shares the gifts that God has given her, and enriches my life each and every day.

I am going to my 5oth high school class reunion next week, and I am having somewhat of a hard time because I have difficulty just being me around anyone other than my husband. It’s not that I don’t like myself, the deep down inside of me. It’s just hard to be that vulnerable and not be afraid of what others will think.

I was the president of my class, and back in 1961 a girl class president in a little country community was a big deal (well, at least it was a big deal for me, since I was the first girl president EVER in our school which was established in the late 1890’s.)

Still, reading this message from Jeanne let me know that I am not only ok being me, I should just be the BEST me that I can be. And that will be good enough. God made me this way. He will use me this way.

Thank you, Jeanne, for again sharing a beautiful way to observe our purpose in life and giving me the courage to let go and just live the life I was intended to live. Just by being me.



  1. Praise be to God! Thank you for your encouragement in my life also, Sharon. God has blessed me with another sister! Such rewards He gives us on our daily walk with Him. Yes, you are MY reward for this day. Thank you, Father.

    Have a grand reunion next week with old friends. Just remember they all are vunerable too. What an opportunity to present the Lord and/or encouragement!



    1. Thank you, Jeanne. I’m still absorbing the new-found revelations of yesterday. Good point about my classmates being vulnerable, too. I’ll keep that in mind as I try to encourage each one of them. Blessings. Sharon


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