The Whole Basket « Two Minutes of Grace

The Whole Basket « Two Minutes of Grace.

As usual, Debbie is in tune with the Holy Spirit to offer a new perspective of  how to interpret the scripture. I, for one, really look forward to her messages because they make me think through a lot of my own “misunderstood meanings within the scripture that has haunted me all of my Christian life”. It’s time to open up to a more positive, loving meaning from our Lord. Thanks, Debbie, for your dependence on God to give all of us new insight.


  1. Sharon – I’m at a rare loss for words. I’m honored that you read my blog and so appreciative of your generous, kind heart. It’s a rare thing to come across someone so open and seeking. You’re such an excellent example for me. Blessings, friend.


    1. Thank you for your comments. Open and seeking, that’s me. But that’s you, too. I’m so glad we found each other and are friends. Blessings to you. Sharon


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